Hindu College, Colombo is a Tamil Language National School situated in the suburb of Colombo-04. The school provides Tamil and English medium education for pupils aged 6 to 19in its Primary and Upper sections. In 2006 there were over 4500 students and 120 teachers. Nearly all the buildings are purpose built and include Science laboratories, computer rooms, libraries, and Art gallery.

The dream of several generations of Tamils, particularly the Hindus, living in and around the city of Colombo was fulfilled in 1951. The 12th of February, 1951 is a red letter day in the history of the college. The services of the college was started on that day in the name of “Pillayar Padasalai” with 48 students and a few volunteer teachers. Mr.Pathamananthan was the first Principal of the college. This was in sequence to the fervent made by a large number of the Hindus residing in Colombo. Today this school has blossomed into a successful Tamil Medium National school in the Western Province. This has been due to the efforts of the founder members and the encouragement, co-operation, assistance and unstring generosity of parents, old boys and well-wishers.

The initial task of the founders was to find money to launch the school project and their target was to collect one million rupees. A pamphlet, 10,000 copies in English and 5,000 copies in Tamil was published on the 20th of February, 1951.

“We have thought it proper to call upon ourselves, 24 founder members of the Hindu Educational Society to make the initial sacrifice in this great cause. We felt that we could just be satisfied in appealing to the public for contributions without first providing tangible proof of our earnestness to make this big venture a success. Some of the 24 members cannot contribute much, but still we have put up one hundred thousand rupees, the money required immediately for the establishment of the primary school”

In the month of March, 1951 Pillayar Padasalai was shifted to the present premises. Mr.T.Sathasivam was the first head mater of the school. The school started in a small humble building and as the number of students increased over the years, more and more buildings were put up to accommodate them. In January 1953, classes upto the senior were commenced. But on the 1st if January, 1955 classes above the fifth grade were transferred to the then newly established Hindu College at Ratmalana. The primary school continued to function at Bambalapitiya. However, there was only one Principal for the two institutions. Mr.N.Sayendra was appointed Principal on the 1st of January, 1957. Thereafter,Mr.T.Subramaniam was appointed Principal on the 1st of January, 1959.

Both schools (Hindu College at Bambalapitiya and Hindu College at Ratmalana) came under the control of the Education Ministry. Then, Mr.S.Ambalavanar was appointed Principal. Soon after the takeover, parents of the students of the Bambalapitiya School insisted that it should function independently of the Ratmalana School and that it should also conduct classes upto the senior grade.

Former Senator, Mr.T.Neeethirajah laid the foundation stone for the first three storey block of classroom on the 3rd of March, 1966. The block was completed within a short period of time and thereafter, the expansion of the school gathered momentum to meet the first growing needs of the Hindu Tamil community.

Mr.P.Nallaiah was appointed Principal on the 1st of January, 1967 and the school was upgraded and named “Hindu Junior School”. At the same time, it started to function independently of Hindu College,Ratmalana.Mr.I.M.R.A. Iriyagolle, the Hon.Minister of Education declared open a new three storey block of classrooms.

The students of the school were divided in four houses with a view to promote a healthy spirit of competitiveness amongst the students. Being a Tamil Hindu School the houses were named after four famous Tamil figures Valluvar, Kambar, Elango and Bharathi. The colour assigned to the houses were blue, green, yellow and red respectively. These houses, brought out the talents and competitive spirit of the students in sports, aesthetics and academic activities. The first inter-house sports-meet was held in 1968.

In 1969 the college band formed and it is being actively used at various functions and events related to school. On the 28th of March,1969 the first Prize-Giving of Hindu Junior School was held having Hon. Prime Minister Mr.DudelySenanayake as the Chief Guest. A Tamil cultural show was held under the patronage if Mr.K.B.Ratnayake, the Hon. Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Sports on the 5th of August,1970.

Mr.P.Nalliah retired as Principal on the 31st of December,1970 and Mr.V.Shanmugarajah took over as acting Principal on the 5th of January,1971. Mr.T.Sangaralingam was appointed Principal on the 15th of February,1971. In the years that followed four more multi storey blocks of classrooms, a fully equipped Science laboratory, an administration block as well as an assembly hall were constructed in rapid succession with the active support, co-operation and the generosity of the parents, alumni and well-wishers of the college. Senator Mr.C. Kumarasuriar, the Hon. Minister of Posters And Telecommunications, laid the foundation stone for the second three-block of classrooms.

The grade 9 classes commenced on the 1st of January, 1973. “Brindavanam Carnival” was held for one week in July, 1973.Senator Al.Haj.Badiuddhin Mohamed, the Hon. Minister of Education declared open the second three storey block. From the 3rd of April, 1975 the school began to function as a one session school.

In 1974, the college commenced classes for the General Certificate of Education (Ordinary Level). Three years later, in 1977 classes for the General Certificate of Education (Advance Level), were started and the name of the school was changed to Colombo Hindu College.

The Silver Jubilee block the third three storey building was formally declared open by the Hon. Prime Minister Mrs.Srimavo Bandaranayke on the 31st of May,1976. Mr.NissankaWijeratne the Hon. Minister of Education laid the foundation stone for the fourth three storey blocks of classrooms on the 5th of April,1978 and President J.R.Jeyawardane formally declared open the President’s Block on the 17th of January,1979.

Mr.V.Balasubramaniam gifted a well-equipped Science Laboratory to the college in 1979. The Administration Block which also includes, the Principal’s office, the Reception room, the College Office, the Library and the Staff Room was built and donated by Cinema Magnate, Mr.K.Gunaratnam. Mr. Anura Bastian, Member of Parliament (Colombo West) laid the foundation stone for the fifth three storey block of classrooms on the 14th of June ,1979 and President J.R.Jeyawadane declared the building open. A technical workshop was formally declared open by Mr.K.Periyasamy on the 9th of September, 1979.Members of the parents Teachers’ Association laid informally commissioned on the 11th of March,1983.

The foundation stone for a Sister-School, Ramanathan Hindu Ladies College, were laid by Mrs.C.Renganathan Q.C, Mr.D.M.Swaminathan and Mr.T.Sangaralingam on the 14th of November, 1980. Mr.R.Premadasa, the Hon. Prime Minister formally declared open the new Administration Block on the 6th of February,1981.

In July 1983, the College premises became a refugee camp for Tamil affected by the communal disturbance. As the school was a refugee camp, classes upto grade eight commenced under Mrs.P.Thuraiyah at Roman Catholic Tamil Mixed School at Lauries Road, Bambalapitya whilst classes from grade nine upwards commenced under Mrs.K.Gangesanat Isipathana Maha Vidyalaya, Havelock Town on the 13th of October,1983.Classes recommenced at the college premises after the refugee camp was closed down on the 1st of January,1984.

On the 17th of May,1985 Mr.T.Sangaralingam went abroad and Mr.S.Patkunam was appointed acting Principal. Mr.D.R.Rajalingam assumed duties as the 8th Principal of the College on the 15th of January,1986. College Alums and Proprietor of Meihandan Pres R. Aruljothunathan formally declared open the renovated College canteen. The Old Boys’ Association was formed on the 28th of September,1986. The Hon.Minister of Regional Development, Hindu Religious and Hindu Cultural Affairs Mr.Chelliah Rajadurai declared open the Pavilion on the 29th of May,1987.

The foundation stone for the ViththagaVinayagar temple was laid in 1987 and the Kumbabisheham was held in February 1988. The Humedica&Dental Surgery was declared open by Dr. Peter Jenand, Deputy Ambassador of Federal Republic of Germany on the 9th of August,1990. In 1990, Mr.D.R.R.RajalingamSundaramoorthy acted as Principal for sometimes till Mr.Srirajasingham was appointed Principal.

In the middle of 1990 Mr.B.S.Sarma was appointed Principal. The foundation stone for the Pulendran Block of classrooms was laid by Hon. Deputy Minister of Education Mrs.R.M.Pulendran declared open the building on the 21st of November,1990.The Government declared the School as a National School on the 11th of September,1991. The school organized a cultural festival for 7 days in October,1991 during the S.A.A.R.C Conference. The Hon. President Ranasinghe Premadasa formally declared open the President’s Block on the 27th of January,1994.

Mr.T.Muthukumarasamy was appointed Principal in 1996. In 1997 Computer Classes were started. In 1998 foundation for a new three storey building was laid by Hon. Minister of Transport and Highways A.H.M.Fowzie,M.P. Hindu College Development Trust was created in 1999. A Botanical Garden was opened on the 17th of February,2000.

Golden Jubilee celebrations commenced on the 12th of February,2001. Fifty traditional oil lamps were lit and fifty school flags were hoisted by well-wishers of the school. The indoor Stadium was opened on the 2nd of November,2001.Golden Jubilee “Colours Nite” was organized by the OBA on the 2nd of September,20011. Primary Library, Computer Laboratory, New Canteen and the renovated library was opened on the 11th of February,2002.

On the 30th of September,2002, Mr.Manilal Fernanda, Chairman of the Football Federation, declared open the newly constructed playground which gives a new look for sports at Hindu College. The OBA constructed a scoreboard with fully equipped office underneath and was declared open in 2004. Mr.PonnamppalmRamanthan( a well-wisher) constructed a basketball court for the college in memory of his wife Mrs.ManovathanaRamanthan. On the 1st of August,2004 air conditioners were installed in the Assembly hall.

The year 2005 is remarkable since it created a spiritual atmosphere in the college. On the 9th of April Vasantha Mandabam was constructed at the college Kovil & the Utsava Vinajagar was brought in as the Utsava Moorthy. Then on the 9th of August Gowri Ambaal was brought in for prathishta. Resources in the year 2006 The College saw much development in its physical. Mr .N. Vageesan, the Managing Director of SeaGull donated an up stair building & a vehicle parking to the college. They were ceremonially declared opened by him on the 3rd of February 2006. Further Mr. & Mrs. A.M. Subramaniam laid the foundation stone for the two storey building which was donated by them to the College while the Gymnasium of the College too was declared open on the same day.

On the 18th of November,2006 the college auditorium was refurbished and declared open by the Minister of Education at a cost of 4.5 million. The two storied building donated by Mr. and Mrs. A.M Subramaniyam was declared opened by them on the 22nd of November,2006. It housed 6 classrooms and was named after them as Subramaniyam Building. In order to uplift the computer knowledge of the students an intermediate computer lab was declared open on the 28th of July,2007 on a temporary basis. The college co-operative shop was reconstructed on the 3rd of March, 2008 was reconstructed to address the needs of the teachers and students. Prathishta of Lord Muruga along with Goddesses Valli and Theivanai took place on the 29th of August, 2009 at the College Kovil. The Junior IT Laboratory was declared open by Hon. Deputy Minister M.Sachthanantham M.P. on the 20th of February,2010.

The past prefects of the 2008 batch took the initiative to fix the surveillance camera to facilitate the administration. The system came into operation on the 12th of February,2010. A monument was erected in memory of the founders and was declared open by the Secretary of the Hindu Educational Society. Mr. Kandiah Neelakandan on the same day. On the 1st of April, 2010 the Art Gallery donated by the Sydney O.B.A was declared open by the former Principal, Mr.T.Sangaralingam. In December 2010 the dental clinic of the College was renovated by the Ministry with the view of providing a better service for the students. Mr.A.Sukumar declared open the Junior Computer Lab and the Library which was donated by them on the 12th of February. Further he laid the foundation for the pavilion on the 20th of February,2011.

The College Auditorium was renovated and modified with the sound system by he Melbourne OBA. An arch for the entrance at Dupilcation Road was constructed by the Hindu Educational Society.


The following 24 Hindu Leaders founded the Hindu Educational Society.

1.Hon.Justice C.Nagalingam, K.C.(Senior Judge of the Superme Court)

2.Representative of Trustees of the Sammankaddar Pillaiyar Temple
3.Mr.K.Alvapillai, O.B.E., B.A. (Lond), C.C.S. (Civil Servant)
4.Dr.A.Kandiah, A.R.C.S., D.I.C., Ph.D., D.Sc. (Lond), A.I.C
5.Mr.M.M.Kulasekaram, B.Sc. (Lond), (Retired Vice Principal, Royal College)
6.Dr.V.Nadarajah, L.R.C.P & S. (Edin), L.R.F.P. &. (Glas.)
8.Mr.S.Sellamuttu, OBE, (Mayor of Colombo)
9.Hon.Sir Kanthiah Vaithianathan, Kt. C.B.E, C.C.S., B.Sc. (Lond) (Civil Servant)
10.Mr.K.T.Chitampalam, Proctor S.C &N.P
12.Mr.S.Mahdevan, (Director, Sterling Product Ltd. – later Maharajah Organization)
13.Senator Peri Sundaram, M.A., L.L.B (Cantab, Bar-at-Law and Advocate)
14.Mr.Sankar Iyer Mahadevan
15.Mr.K.C.Thankarajah, (Later Chairman Paper Mills Corporation and Eelanadu)
16.Mr.R.A.Nadesan, (Once Chairman, Express Newspaper Ltd)
17.Mr.S.Somasunderam, O.B.E., J.P. (Proctor & N.P. later President of the Ceylon Law Society, and also later held the office of the President of HES and also of All Ceylon Hindu Congress)
18.Senator S.Nadesan, Advocate
19.Mr.M.Kanagasabay, M. INST.T
20.Mr.V.A.Kandaih, B.Sc. (London), Advocate (Later M.P. for Kayts)
21.Mr.A.Subramaniam, (Director, Mascons Limited)
22.Mr.A.Ragunather, B,Sc, (Eng) A.M.I.E.F.
23.Mr.K.Satchithananda, B.Sc (Lond), A.C.A. – Chartered Accountant

Hon C.Nagalingam was elected as the first President of the Hindu Educational Society. Hon.Sir Kanthiah Vaithianathan and Senator Peri Sundaram were selected as Vice – Presidents. Mr.S.Mahadevan was the first Secretary and Mr.K.Satchithananda became the first Treasurer. Messures S.Somasunderam, M.M.Kulasegaram and A. Ragunather were the other members of the first Board of Governors. Mr.R.M.Palaniappa Chettiar, Mr.A.N.R.M. Ramasamy Chettiyar, Mr.KR, KN, AR, KN. Ramanathar and Mr.S.K.Vaiyapuri were the first representatives of the Trustees of Sri Kathiresan Temple to attend the first meeting of the HES. Messrs.M.S.Kandiah and Mr.A.Ragunathan were responsible for making the preliminary arrangement to build this college.

The above information gathered from Colombo Hindu college official website